Woman in Car with Keys

“I was treated with lotsa respect by these guys even though I have bad credit thanks to my sh**y ex husband. I went in and they worked withme on my payments so I can pay the rest of my bils. I got into a good car for not much money. Thanks to the sweet girl that helped me find a car for me and my kids.”
—Jody Wells

“These guys are so awesome. About 2 years ago I bought a car from them and was able to pay it off quickly, they treated me so well that I brought back my son to buy a car. They were a lot faster than L.H. Miller and we got him into a car for next to nothing. The down payment was low and we’ll be able to pay off another car in less than 2 years without breaking the bank.”
—Kate Swimph

“Cars Now made it really easy for me to purchase the car and the weekly payments are easy to manage.”
—Holly Thomas

“The staff are awesome.”
—Kathy Anderson

“Cars Now has a very nice staff that is very helpful. They gave me a very nice car buyinbg experience. They couldn’t do anything better, it was perfect.”
—Justin Kerby

“Cars Now worked with me to get me in the truck I wanted.”
—Kenny Buus

“Cars Now worked with me on payments when I was going through a hard time.”
—Danielle Wininger

“Cars Now staff is very family oriented and had really worked with me. The office has a kid friendly area. They are very friendly.”
—Brittany Draper

“When it comes to payments, I am able to work with them as they have great customer service, and as well the car I bought is having no problems.”
—Marshall Anderson

“It has been very good working with the Cars Now team. They make you fell welcome and work with you on changes needed.”
—Jeff Rouse

“I am so grateful of how well Cars Now works with me through hard times and how positive they are with me. I really appreciate the service.”
—Danielle Allen

“Cars Now is willing to work with you on isues that come up with the car, like repairs and payments. they are good with customer and friendly.”
—Justin Spencer

“Cars now employees are very friendly and are willing to work out payments with you if you can’t afford your whole payment. They are willing to help out in anyway possible. They are a great car company.”
—Kisty Boone

“They are very friendly and bend over backward to make sure they do whatever they can to help.”
—Allison Krutch

“I found a car in really good condition for a really good price at Cars Now. I liked that they didn’t pressure me into buying something else more expensive or anything that I didn’t want as I had experienced at many other dealerships. Financing was a breeze and I’ve also gotten great deals on car maintenance.”
—Myntillae Nash

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